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Dr. Garcia's services include:

  • Same Day Crowns
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Emergency Care
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment
  • TMJ Treatment
  • Implants

You'll smile with us!

Our Services:

Same Day Crowns

Dr. Garcia can do crowns in 90 MINUTES! Dr. Garcia is an industry leader in CEREC CAD/CAM technology and can restore your teeth in a single appointment. He creates AFFORDABLE, permanent, natural-looking crowns in-office in as little as 90 minutes!





Teeth Whitening

Dr. Garcia offers several options to whiten your teeth based on your budget. From in-office whitening which offers IMMEDIATE results, to at-home whitening kits, Dr. Garcia offers you the convenience, care, and comfort that works best for you.



Cosmetic Consultations

Dr. Garcia will take the time to explain your options to improve your smile. From simple whitening to crowns or veneers to cover your teeth. Dr. Garcia will even present you with a "cosmetic preview" to show you how these changes will improve your appearance. We will work together to plan your outcome.

Emergency Office Visits

We will make every attempt to see emergencies the same day!Short-term action can be taken to relieve oral pain, which can be very severe. Dental and oral emergencies are seen the same day in our offices and occasionally, an appointment may not be required.

Patient Education

Dr. Garcia and the entire staff are well-trained in explaining to patients how to improve their oral health. We CARE about you and want you to make the best, informed decision possible for your smile. We TAKE TIME to explain all procedures and treatment options to you before, during, and after your visit. We EXPLAIN things every step of the way. We FOCUS ON YOU and your smile. You will go home with the tools and know-how to maintain your new smile.


Take control of the health of your mouth. Ask us how we can make your care financially feasible. *We have interest-free options.

Digital X-rays

We utilize digital x-rays which have the lowest level of radiation in the dental industry. They allow us to diagnose and determine if you have cavities, infections, or abscesses. with no residual effect on your health.

Gum Disease Treatment

We are experts on the treatment and prevention of gum disease which can lead to a longer healthier life. Our goal is to help you keep your teeth for as long as you live!


Having spent up to two months at a time while on mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Dr. Garcia gained valuable experience in what was essentially an internship extracting teeth in remote areas without the benefits of modern equipment. He is fully trained to remove even the most difficult tooth safely and gently in a modern facility!


Throughout a lifetime, your teeth collect stains, small cracks, and chipped edges from daily activities and regular use. While you probably want to keep your memories, you may want to cover up the remnants they have left behind on your teeth. Restorative and cosmetic dental treatments like porcelain veneers can cover up and strengthen teeth for a beautiful white and straight smile!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dr. Garcia can REPLACE your old, dark silver fillings with new white fillings using computer-generated precision--your teeth will look new and natural.

Preventive Care/Cleanings

Care and attention are spent on each and every patient to gently clean and polish their teeth. We advise patients how they can maintain their oral health throughout their lives. From infant to senior, we offer the knowledge, advice and tools to maintain good oral care, in our office and at your home.

Pediatric Dentistry

From well-baby checks starting at birth through adolescence, we are here for you! Whether your son or daughter is teething, has pain from cavities, or lost a tooth from trauma, we have the knowledge to provide your child the treatment they deserve. Dr. Garcia has provided children with great care and patience.

Night Guards, Snore Guards, Sleep Apnea and TMJ Treatment

Dr. Garcia has training in relieving TMJ pain, Sleep Apnea, Snoring, and Clenching or Grinding issues which could result in migraine pain, fractured teeth, stomach reflux, and other maladies.

Root Canals

With 30+ years of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Garcia has vast experience in performing Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy), many times completed the same day allowing you to continue doing the things that make your life special.

Dentures and Partials

Dr. Garcia worked for five years prior to starting his practice in a program that honed his skills at replacing teeth with Dentures and Partials. Recently, he completing an educational component that allows him to replace all your missing through the use of only 4-5 implants at a fraction of the cost of replacing each individual tooth with an implant and still have the same function as natural teeth! Come in to see if this option is a good one for you!

We also specialize in

  • Dentures/Implants
  • And Much More!
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